Advisory Committee

The mission of the Lancaster County Prison Advisory Committee is to provide guidance to the Lancaster County Prison Board and Lancaster County Commissioners in the design and construction of a new Lancaster County Correctional Facility.

The Advisory Committee was formed by the Lancaster County Commissioners to advise county government on the construction of the LCCF. It is comprised of Lancaster County department leaders who will have direct involvement in various facets of the design and construction of the facility, from programming and operations to purchasing of goods and services and information technology. Additionally, the Commissioners solicited applications for two community member appointments; of 15 applications received, Commissioners appointed two community members with ties to neighborhood and community agencies and groups involved with individuals in the criminal justice system.

Advisory Committee Members

Advisory Committee Members include:

Josh Parsons, Chairman*

Ray D’Agostino, Vice-Chairman*

Alice Yoder, Commissioner*

Larry George, Administrator/Chief Clerk

Amy Campbell, Deputy Chief Clerk

Michael Fitzpatrick, Communications Director

Cheryl Steberger, Warden

Joe Shiffer, Deputy Warden

Marcus Ramos, Prison

Jackie Pfursich, Solicitor

Dennis Dougherty, First Assistant Solicitor

Merrill Spahn, Judge

Bob Devonshire, General Services

Carmen Simone, General Services

Pat Mulligan, Budget Services

Lisa Colon, Controller

Steven Clements, IT

Brian Koenig, IT

Linda Schreiner, Purchasing

Heather Chalfant, Purchasing

Austin Beiler, Community Member

Carrie Kurtz, Community Member

*Commissioners will be rotating members of the Advisory Committee based upon the current phase of the project.

Project Team

CGL – owner’s representative,

TranSystems – Design Team,