Project Details

Needs Assessment

A needs assessment aids in decision making for long-term capacity requirements by taking into account industry norms and county-specific information. Data assessed includes average daily projections, peaks in population and bed requirements for fluctuating inmate classification.


Programming for the Lancaster County Correctional Facility will provide further information to accurately meet the goals and objectives by providing more detailed data around what the building should include. Elements of programming include review of the main center components of a new correctional center; the current facility and its operational state; trends, benchmarks and best practices of comparable facilities including facility tours; and desired future operational state and associated space needs.


The Lancaster County Board of Commissioners has approved the issuance of a request for proposals (RFP) to select the most qualified design team for the new Lancaster County Correctional Facility. The process will follow the County’s procurement process, which will include a multi-step evaluation of all proposals received by an evaluation committee appointed by the County. More information about this RFP can be found on the County Website or at the Public Purchase website. Please note vendor registration is required to access the RFP documents – instructions to register on the Public Purchase website are here.